Special plans insurance

Special plan insurance includes ship (floating), money (funds), flight insurance: Cash insurance (funds) In the management of freight insurances, Novin Insurance issues insurances related to funds, including funds on the way, clearing and cash in the fund as follows:

1-      Cash in safe

Banks, financial institutions and companies can use their cash balance, including cash, securities and coins, 24 hours a day against the dangers and incidents of armed robbery by breaking the amulet, seizure, violence and threats, fire, explosions, floods, earthquakes, riots, protests and strikes in the geographical area of the country. The insurance rate of cash in the fund is determined according to the amount of funds, the value of securities and coins, the type of fund and its location in terms of geographical area and protection type of the fund.

2-      Cash in transit

Banks, financial institutions and companies can transfer cash throughout the country -from their offices- to the other banks or related department  and vica versa against the dangers of fire, expolsion, lightning,  armed robbery and robbery by breaking the amulet

Marine Hull insurance (Ship)
In ship insurance, the insurer is responsible for compensating the damage to the hull, which in some coverages covers three-quarters of the liability for a collision as well as general damage. Therefore, ship insurance covers damages arising from the following risks:

      1. Damage to the ship as a result of the following hazards:

·   Fire or explosion

·   Storm

·   Sitting on the mud and hitting a rock

·   Collision of the insured vessel with other vessels

·   Insured object’s collision with land vehicles, repair ponds, equipment and coastal facilities

·   Earthquake, volcanic eruption or lightning

·   Accidents resulting from loading, unloading or moving goods (or fish caught in the case of fishing vessels)

·   Boiler burst, shaft failure

·   Public losses and rescue costs

·   Damage to fishing tools (in the case of fishing vessels)

      1. Liability resulting from the collision
        In the event that the insured ship or another ship or object, whether floating or fixed, collides and the insured is held liable for damages. Fund or funds in connection with this collision for:

·   Loss or damage of another ship with its cargo

·   Reasonable delay or loss due to non-use of other ship or its cargo

·   Public losses, rescue costs or rescue costs incurred under the contract of any other ship or vessel to save the ship or its property are covered by the terms of the policy.

Aviation insurance
Aircraft insurance covers the fuselage and the general liabilities of aircraft owners (to third parties, passengers, and cargo).

      1. Aircraft Hull insurance
        Aircraft fuselage insurance covers damage to the fuselage or engine due to the occurrence of risks subject to insurance. Also, in this section, the costs related to the emergency landing of the aircraft and its rescue costs can be paid according to the terms of the insurance policy.
      2. Legal liability to third parties (other than passengers)
        If, as a result of the collision of the plane or the fall of persons or objects therefrom, damage is caused to third parties and the insured is legally liable. The insurer will reimburse the amounts paid by the insured as compensation for bodily injuries resulting from the accident resulting in death or other damage to the property.
      3. Legal responsibility towards passengers
        The Insurer will reimburse the Insurer for all costs incurred as a legal liability in respect of: incident-related bodily damages (resulting in death or other damages) incurred upon passengers when they get in the airplane, during the flight or when they get off the plane.
      4. Legal responsibility for cargo and shipments
        The Insurer insures the legal liability for the loss or damage to passengers' luggage and personal belongings, as well as cargo aircraft’s cargo.


The amount of the insurer's obligations
The insurer's liability for the death or personal injury of air passengers varies according to the insured's proposal.

  • What is Special plans Insurance?

    Special plan insurance includes ship (floating), money (funds), flight insurance: Cash insurance (funds) In the management of freight insurances, Novin Insurance issues insurances related to funds, including funds on the way, clearing.

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